Affordable Encryption Systems for Small Business         

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Very Affordable Encryption Security Protection for Small Business           

Large Corporations such as defense contractors, major manufacturers and banking institutions (including the U.S. Federal Reserve) understand the importance of complete security when sensitive information and data is being transferred. Their employees undergo ongoing training to ensure the security of the information they have been entrusted with. And large corporations have the resources to utilize the most modern encryption and security protection available today. And now, Gliq.Info brings to small business and the general public the same level of security used by the giants of industry.

Gliq has spent years researching and developing the most affordable and the most effective security systems available today. We have achieved our goal of establishing the most secure methods of transferring and storing sensitive data. Our recommendations include affordable encryption software and data transfer systems that meet the stringent standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We have also identified, tested and recommend security enhancements that are available at no cost to you (donations are requested).

If your company currently utilizes its own secure email servers with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS); and if you currently have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) File Transport Protocol (FTP) access to your server, Gliq can provide you with software, services and recommendations that will enhance or improve your security and encryption and security. For those companies whose systems do not meet this criteria, we offer a variety of systems and recommendations that will meet or exceed your company's security requirements. The following is our Introductory Offer, but we have many other options that will meet or exceed the security needs of your organization.

Gliq Encryption Security Protection Introductory Offer

  • Your Own Full Featured Website and Domain Name (.com, .net, etc.)
  • Your Domain Name is Registered in Your Name with Full Rights of Ownership
  • Your Website Can Be Your Company Website With Unlimited Databases & Forms
  • Your Registration Information Can Be Kept Private (Non-Accessible) for $1 per month
  • Unlimited Email Accounts with or without SSL/TLS Security Features
  • Unlimited Website Password Protected Folders with Secure SSL FTP Connections
  • Your Web Host will Professionally Install Your Choice of 39 Applications Free-of-Charge
  • Gliq will Create a Professional Logo and Homepage/Template for You with this Offer
  • Free Telephone, Email & Chat Support for Your Website by Your Web Host
  • Free Gliq Telephone Support Initiating Your Website and Choosing Your Domain Name
  • HTML and Server Coding that Prevents Unauthorized Searching, Caching and Viewing
  • Recommendations for the Most Secure Encryption Software (files up to 25mb are free)
  • The Easiest, Most Secure Password Management System Available Today Free!
  • Recommendations for the Most Affordable File Erasing Software It's Free!
  • Recommendations for Other Very Valuable Software Products Available Free-of-Charge
  • One Year Free Gliq Email and Forum Support for All Gliq Products in this Package
  • Gliq will also design or install other functional features such as "form-to-email" or secure SSL client upload software using your website template at a $25 per hour rate

* Requires Administrator Rights to install applications on your Windows (only) personal computer.

What is your Cost for This Package?
Your total cost for this entire package is $5.95 per month with a prepaid two-year commitment ($142.80 due at sign-up). This offer comes with a complete 30 day money back guarantee. Your only required transaction will be to the company that will host your website. Because we are their affiliate, our fee will be paid by them. You can be assured that there is No Other offer like this on the Internet today. Gliq can guarantee that our products and recommendations are unmatched anywhere else in the world. We believe our Encryption Security Protection System provides this highest level of security available for private use anywhere in the world today.

About Your Website Host
Your website will be hosted by Omnis Network, LLC. has hosted Gliq.Info since October 2000. Omnis began operations in 1996 and has hosted over 200,000 accounts since then. By past experience, Gliq can report quick and reliable support since we have been with this company. As far as our viewpoint on the reliability of this company, we can report that we have recently signed an additional two-year contract and have no plans of choosing any other server for Gliq.

Important Note:
In order to take advantage of this offer, you MUST sign up with through this link for two year prepaid web hosting for $142.80 or contact Gliq for more information. If you prefer, Gliq can provide you with several other options. Gliq.Info is an affiliate of and our fee to provide you with our services is paid by Omnis. Should you choose another server, our offer will still be valid for a fee of $75 for as long as this introductory offer is in effect.

If you are looking for a webhost with advanced security features at a more competitive price, we recommend Please click our link here to view their website. Gliq will provide its services to you with a two-year commitment with using this link.

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