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Digital Security for Small Business

Major corporations know and understand the need for computer security, especially for in-transit data and data that would be ultimately stored on servers virtually anywhere in the world. And such is the environment we call “Email.”

Security breaches can caused by almost anyone, whether intentional or not. Hackers are often regarded as purveyors of malicious software which turn into nightmares, especially businesses. But hackers have better things to do. The value of the data that your company deals with on a daily basis may be very profitable to an expert in capturing digitally transmitted data. And to capture that data and sell it for a profit wouldn't be “malicious,” it is clearly a serious felonious crime.

And major networking companies have identified many different security methodologies that put your company at risk, not the least of which would be disgruntled employees anywhere down line from where the information was originated.

Gliq Encryption Security Protection was designed to allow small businesses to have the same level of digital protection that large corporations have at a very affordable cost.

What Does Gliq ESP Do For Its Customers?

Gliq researches the most reliable and cost effective products that provide the security level that small businesses need at a price they can afford. Here are some of the security advantages Gliq can provide for you...

Your own secure email server for your entire organization with your own domain name (.com) for your business.

For example:             EdwardMeyer@Gliq.Info

Our Introductory Offer includes unlimited email accounts, any or all of which can be protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and can be accessed from any computer linked to the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security and encryption. (You will see HTTPS instead of HTTP in the command line of your browser).

Our Introductory Offer also includes your own website and domain name (.com, .net, etc.) which is owned by you and registered in your name. Your website will be hosted by one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the business. Your website comes with unlimited sub-domains (such as ESP.Gliq.Info which is hosted by this server). These sub-domains are password protected and can be used to transport sensitive data (even large files) to a particular client or associate, thereby avoiding the use of email. When connecting to these sub-domains, your connections may also incorporate SSL security protection. Your clients and associates may upload and download any file you designate without the need to know the sub-domain password.

This offer also includes information and recommendations for free or low cost encryption software that can provide the highest level security available anywhere in the world. Our highest recommendation is a software company whose clients include the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, IBM, Motorola, Lockheed Martin and University of California. This company's products include protection software that is compliant with The U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This company also offers 128 bit encryption software for files up to 25 MB free of charge. Gliq provides one year email support for this software free with our Introductory Offer.

The Gliq Introductory Offer also includes the most manageable and most secure password protection system available today. Encryption software is only as good as the passwords used to protect any given file. Managing multiple “very strong” passwords is a difficult task. Providing your passwords to clients and associates in a secure manner is nearly impossible, especially if they take advantage of the 100 character password capability that our recommended software allows (using every available key on a standard keyboard). The Gliq Password Protection System guarantees that no one other that you or your company could possibly have knowledge of these passwords because you will actually watch these passwords being created, and only on your computer.

Also, the Gliq Introductory Offer includes information and recommendations for erasing sensitive data from computers when it is no longer needed. The software we recommend overwrites files 35 times, far exceeding the requirements of corporations and governments. This application is available free-of-charge on the Internet.

Being part of the Gliq Encryption Security Protection System assures your company and its clients and associates have the latest information on the best and most cost-effective security products available today. Gliq provides email support to its clients for all of the products and services we provide and recommend. And our email support is free for one year with our introductory offer.

If your company already has its own website with your own email and File Transport Protocol (FTP) access, you may be interested in our low cost products, recommendation and email support, Your company may also require a higher level of security and service. Gliq.Info can provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective methodologies that will suit your company's Internet Security needs.

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