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A Brief History of Gliq.Info

by Edward A. Meyer, Computer Scientist & System Analyst
Founder of Gliq.Info & Inventor of Local Internet Search Engine Systems          (View Bio)

Transferring and distributing sensitive data using the most advanced encryption and techniques is neither difficult nor expensive. A simple awareness of encryption products available for small business and a basic understanding of desktop computers and the basic principles of the Internet are all that is necessary to maintain the highest levels of security for all of your information transfers, including large files.

In 1999, Gliq.Info (The Global Local Internet Queue) was initially designed to simplify searches for local interests, while at the same time, eliminate returns in search engine results that were inappropriate for business and normal use. In 2004, Gliq.Info distributed a white paper demonstrating how these important advances could be implemented. In February of the following year, Google and Yahoo debuted its own versions of local Internet search systems and inappropriate search engine returns no longer occurred on major search engines. Please see:

Gliq.Info Web Archives

In 2009, Gliq.Info began addressing the security concerns of small business secure data storage and transfer. It was easily recognized that the highest level of encryption available to business is surprisingly inexpensive (or free for files up to 25MB), a simple password management system with the highest level of security is available for free*, a method for overwriting secure files is also available for free*, and a server-based file transfer system which includes unlimited secure email addresses (TLS-Transport Layer Security) for $6.00 per month (with a two year commitment - $142.00). This server-based system can also be used as your company’s website.

*Note: The items offered here for free are included in the Gliq Introductory ESP Package. Other packages, including secure transfer systems specifically designed for your company are also available. 

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