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The State of Digital Security – Digital Security Can Never Be Assumed

Not long ago, it was found out by NASA that a computer buff from Scotland using software available for free on the Internet and using a dial-up Internet connection was able to take control of 600 of NASA's computers in search information about his favorite subject, UFO's. (Google Gary McKinnon.)

In the ongoing legal proceedings, Mr. McKinnon's only defense has been that he is not a hacker and was only looking for information about his favorite subject. He also states that, had there been passwords on the computers that he took control of, he never would have been able to do what he did. Obviously, everyone at NASA had assumed that some sort of security was in place. Simply stated, that security was only assumed.

Email Security Can Never Be Assumed

Unless security protocols are in place and strictly enforced, there is little existing security  and certainly not enough security to protect your company's sensitive data or your privacy. To begin with, all emails can be “captured” by software available (often for free) for free on the Internet. And when passwords and encryption are applied, there are many software products available to rip through the encryption and reveal those passwords. Please see:



Cain and Able

Google: Packet Sniffer

The State of Digital Security – Today

Below is a video produced by CBS News that is available on It dramatically shows that the state of digital security today leaves nothing to the imagination. Simply stated, if security protocols have not been established and rigidly followed, no one should assume that digital security exists. Just after the two minute point in the video, listen for the words “forensic software program available free on the Internet.” And beginning at the 3:50 point, you will hear the president of one of the largest digital copier companies in the world admitting that, “Yes, the industry has failed” to inform the general public of the risks involved with using copy machines. The news report goes on to say that in a 2008 study, 60% of Americans don't know that copiers store images on a hard drive. Email security and the ability to transfer large files on the Internet is in the same state of affairs (especially email because emailed messages can remain on servers for any length of time).

What Can Be Done to Provide the Security Your Company Needs?

Gliq.Info has performed the research and analyses required to identify (and create) the products and services that ensure that your security needs will be met, using state-of-the-art technology and at a price your company can afford. We have identified the most critical portals that threaten your company's digital security and have found affordable ways prevent costly intrusions.

Our solutions will not only meet your company's requirements, these solutions will enhance your company's reputation and its presence in your industry. And if your company's website doesn't allow the use of your own email and other amenities such as password protected directories and database servers, Gliq can provide your company with many more services and solutions at a price your company can definitely afford. Contact Gliq today and allow us to help your company with affordable Internet security and solutions.

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